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        everything is handmade by me, proffesionally sewn and overlocked.


NEW THINGS ADDED:::voodoo skirts, apocalypse circuit skirt, sectioned mesh tops, apocalypse tops
... & more 

*cyber punk


 datacult bodice
made from silver parachute, lots of reflective details and hand painted circuits.
it's fully lined and strongly boned
size: S
65 euro, 60 pounds

white fur jacket
fully lined with zip front
size: S (fit bust 83 cm, 32")
25 euro, 22 pounds

dark elven jacket
made from purple fleece with clear plastic insets on the sleeves and circuit application on the side.
size: S - M (best fit bust 88 cm, 34")
59 euro, 52 pounds 

bondage pixy bolero
black fleece with bright purple faux fur
size: S-M 
35 euro, 30 pounds

voodoo bolero bone colored
size: S-M
15 euro, 14 pounds

voodoo bolero blood-red with front lacing
size: S
10 euro, 10 pounds

tekyon bolero
purple fleece with piramid circuit design at the back
size: S
25 euro, 23 pounds

pink grey fur gilet with zip front
size: S 
12 euro, 11 pounds

grey monster fur gilet
size: S-M
12 euro, 11 pounds

voodoo skirt 'shadow dancer'
size M
38 pounds, 40 euro

voodoo skirt 'wild heart'
size: M
40 pounds, 45 euro

voodoo skirt 'soul hunter'
size: M
40 pounds, 45 euro

ice faerie skirt
size: S-M
14 pounds, 15 euro

dark witch skirt
size: M
25 euro, 23 pounds

apocalypse circuit skirt
size: S, M, L
35 euro, 32 pounds

falling star 3/4 skirt pink lycra with pvc stars
last picture is to show the fit
size: S
15 euro, 13 pounds

circuit print asym 3/4 skirt cherry red lycralast pic is to the fit of this style skirt
size: small/medium
19 euro, 17 pounds

bondage snake print skirt
size: M
15 euro, 13 pounds

leopard lace up skirt fake suede material
size: M
10 euro, 10 pounds

chemical romance skirt
consist out of 2 parts which can be worn also separately: plain purple wrap skirt & over-skirt with molecules.
it's made from a 2-tone satin which shines purple-blue
the over-skirt has molecules from UV pink and pink reflective pvc sown on and hand painted molecular structure.
the over-skirt can be worn  with molecules to the back or front or even to the sides. on the sides it attached with velcro straps.
size: S (best fit waist: 73 cm)
39 euro, 35 pounds

disco skull wrap skirt
size: M
25 pounds, 28 euros

sectioned leggings black cotton net and snake print lycra
the version that i am selling has a denser type net than the one i am wearing.
size: S
10 euro, 10 pounds

flygrid wrap-skirt
the reflective material used in this skirt is from a recycled dane top
size: S (best fit waist: 84 cm)
35 euro, 30 pounds

future nurse overskirt
bright pink satin, grey parachute with nurse cross
size: S-M
13 euro, 12 pounds

sectioned mesh top with deco hole sleeves
size: S
20 pounds, 25 euros

sectioned mesh top with ruffled lace 3/4 sleeves
size: S-M
10 pounds, 20 euro

camo bodice
black light reactive camo, pvc and neon green details
lined and boned with strong boning
size: S best fit for bust 33"
39 euro, 35 pounds

camo flap overskirt
one size
19 euro, 13 pounds

cyber division top (inspired by lip service)
stretchy pinstripe viscose
>size: S
39 euro, 35 pounds

sectioned asym top pinstripe
size: S
18 euro, 16 pounds

asym hole leopard viscose top
size: S
16 pounds, 18 euros

asym hole top
granite lycra
size S
15 euro, 14 pounds

asym hole top red leopard
size: S-M
11 euro, 10 pounds

asym miniskirt red leopard
size: M
13 euro, 11 pounds

or set for 20 euro, 18 pounds

datacult legwarmers
made from black and grey fleece with circuit patches (also have a black and purple pair)
one size
35 euro, 30 pounds

apocalypse top alien eyes neon green black
size: S>
20 euro, 18 pounds

apocalypse top turquoise lycra cross
size: M
20 euro, 18 pounds

apocalypse top gothic lace, works great under a corset
size: S
20 euro 18 pounds

apocalypse top leopard skull black white grey
size: M
20 euro, 18 pounds

skull pixy top grey black skull cotton & black mesh
size: small & medium (adjustable through corset lacing at the back)
19 euro, 17 pounds

pinstripe corset top with side lacing
size: M
17 euro, 15 pounds

purple plastic star skirt
size: S or M
29 euro, 26 pounds

long slash skirt with detailed cut out sides
in purple metallic PVC with light blue reflective eyes (difficult to photograph color, it's a blue based purple like on the last pictures)
size: M
49 euro, 45 pounds

bondage pinstripe mini
size: S
13 euro, 11 pounds

black & purple cyber fleece set
size: S
35 euro, 30 pounds

wetlook snake print armwarmers
5 euro, 5 pounds

leopard mesh armwarmers
5 euro, 5 pounds

leopard wet-look slash arm-warmers
9 pounds, 9 euros

grey cut out arm warmers
7 euro, 7 pounds

custom made boot panels for transformer demonia boots
thick black PVC with UV reactive plastic (similiar to prohibition plastic stuff) and silver spikes
20 euro, 18.50 pounds

metal plate leather head band
25 euro, 23 pounds

metal plate leather collar
13 euro, 11 pounds

patent leather bat collar with purple rhinestones
10 euro, 10 pounds

cyber nurse headband with neon reflective cross
7 euro, 7 pounds

glitter hair stars
can make more of the same colour
available in following colours:
-fuchsia pink
-silver grey
-ice-queen white
-jungle green
-mint green
3 euro 3 pounds per piece


i prefer paypal, but  bank transfer or concealed cash ayor are also welcome.

if you have any questions, need measurements or need to see more pictures of the items please contact me:

please ask for postage prices

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